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Welcome to Indabuff Sphynx Cats                                          

Before CFA introduced us to the Sphynx cat, the first 45 years of my life I spent all my money trying to prevent being bald, pot-bellied, and wrinkled.  Now I spend all my money trying to get bald, pot-bellied, wrinkled and hairless, and I'm even happier when I receive awards for it.  My, how life changes ones views!

Hello.  My name is Cari.  My husband, Wayne, and I reside in Bridgeport Nebraska - a small rural community in  Nebraska - population 1,500. I actively show in CFA.  I fell in love with the Sphynx cat's years ago and completely adore their crazy personalities.  Until you have one of your own you can't imagine the difference between the Sphynx cat and domestic short hair. I heard it said once; if the fur flies it's a cat - if the cat flies it's a Sphynx.  That sums it up for me!  I am what some consider a newbie, but don't let my newness of breeding cats fool you.  I want the very best for my babies and choose only qualified homes. I DO NOT sell breeders. 

I was fortunate enough to find reputable breeders in the fancy to help guide me and trust me with their bald cats.  My mentor Long Viet and associates Angela Premer, Therese Albeita, Gloria Snyder, how do I say thank you enough!  I began my journey with a neutered male, GP Ydlab of Indabuff (Ydlab, that's Baldy backwards). It was such fun showing my little man who granded in two shows. Then I purchased Omorfosgatos Baldwin of Indabuff from Angela.  Baldwin is gorgeous but wasn't happy showing.  Baldwin was my Stud for two years and is now our pet and he loves very minute of it. All my cats have done very well at the shows, but more importantly I've made some wonderful friends on this journey with my hairless cats.

My goal is to breed healthy, well adjusted Sphynx cats that meet my interpretation of the CFA standard and to place those altered pets in wonderful, loving homes.  I am a very small cattery and plan on only one to two litters a year. My breeding cats are scanned yearly for HCM by a board certified cardiologist.

I strive to create the best environment and have a excellent cattery with the well adjusted, healthy pets-. I recently applied for CFA cattery of Excellence. My cattery was inspected by a licensed DVM and received a perfect score which I feel very proud of.  

My babies have their own room but spend most of their day running free in our home being socialized with us and frequently visited by our 5 grandchildren. We do things with our kittens like visit the nursing home which is 1 block away from our home- the residents love our kittens and enjoy our frequent visits. We also go for car rides to get them use to things early- These are little thing that separate purchasing from large catteries and buying from someone who is committed to doing all they can to create the best pets possible.

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